Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More than one story in Malapascua Exotic...

Most people diving with us here at Exotic Malapascua have heard the stories about the famous thresher sharks, some have also heard the stories about the cute mandarin fish and maybe even our purple or yellow pygmy sea horses as well. 

Yes Malapascua got them all and and we like to add: so much more! 

First of all, the thresher sharks. As we all listen from media nowadays, the shark population in the world is declining rapidly and places where you can see sharks on a regular basis are not that many anymore. Monad Shoal is one of those places where we have a great chance of spotting the thresher shark almost every day! 

Secondly: The mandarin fish shares the same story - You have to be almost unlucky not to see them and most divers get to see them mating as the sun set!

Thirdly: Our tiny beautiful pygmy seahorses of either purple or yellow colour. Who like to live in a lovely seafan of the exact same colour! Talk about hard to spot...

This is what we call the "main attractions", so what else!? 

Let´s start with the big fish: manta-ray, devil-ray, white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks and more. Some common some less common but they are around, and if you are really lucky you might even see hammerheads!


For medium to small fish: On our housereef there is usually a big school of bat fish hanging around in our purposely built reef. The bat fish seem to like the structures down there and you can see them hiding away from the current. What more? Well there is butterflyfish, angelfish, clownfish, sweetlips, travellies and so much more. 

Now we come to the macro life and now it starts to get really interesting! We have a such a wide variety of nudibranchs that you can dive here for more than 10 years and still find one you never seen before, ask our guides! 
Spanishdancer, flabellinas chromodoris to name a few suspects (have a look in our gallery). Colman shrimps, flamboyant cuttlefish, mimic octopus, ghostpipefish, snake eals, spider crabs and frogfish. An all time favorite too is the tiny octopus living at East Garden called the blue ringed octopus.

Conclusion: Malapascua Island has got much more to offer then "just" the "sharks" and to explore the whole   area takes time! If you want to see and experience the best spots around we recommend that you plan for a  minimum of 5-6 days and if you end up staying a month we can almost guarantee that you will still find new creatures every day! If you get interested and you need to know more information, please visit us under: