Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blog Round Up

Malapascua diving, philippines diving, scuba diving philippines diving
Tank assembling
This week the Blog decided to just pick up a camera and see what was happening around the resort. First on our travels was Caroline who was putting together a stage tank in preparation for dive three of her Deep dive course with Master Instructor Joa. If conditions permitted they might go as deep as fourty meters!

philippines diving, malapascua diving, divemaster philippines
assembling the emergency Oxygen
Ask a Divemaster trainee to assemble an emergency Oxygen unit and then leave the room for a few minutes and what do you return to? Answer, A DMT taking the p***. Feet off the chair Jason please. Oh, and stop using all the Oxygen.

Disclaimer: This picture was completely staged and no Oxygen was wasted in its making. All Divemasters produced at Exotic are of the highest professional standard.

guard dogs malapascua, diving malapascua, scuba philipines
asleep on the job
To the untrained eye this looks like an old knackered dog sleeping in the restaurant under a table. To those familiar with Exotic Resort this is the imaginatively named Brownie. Brownie and his colleague Blackie work as part of Exotic's elite security team which make the resort safe for all our guests. It must be said that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant and that Brownie was working undercover at the time.

diving malapascua, philippines diving, malapascua diving
dive shop team
They've made the Blog before but seeing as they're so special we again introduce our fantastic dive shop receptionists, Hilda (left) and Judith. This week saw Judith return after maternity leave and no one was more pleased than Hilda. No more double shifts!