Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Malapascua is the Place to be in 2016

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A Perfect Location
2016 at Exotic has begun and the diving is up to its usual world class standards. It's no wonder Philippines scuba diving and Malapascua diving especially finds itself on the bucket list of most dive enthusiasts and just to top things off the weather has been idyllic for months now. There really is hardly a drawback to this place... other than finding it hard to leave!!

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There's always one who won't smile
The first Malapascua Instructor Development Course of the year is well under way with four hopefuls throwing heart and soul into achieving their dream of becoming PADI scuba diving instructors. Here they are with their own instructors enjoying the complimentary IDC lunch that comes with every such course here at Exotic.
IDC Malapascua, IDC Philippines, Malapascua diving
Incredibly organised looking pool sesision
While not enjoying world class cuisine from our renowned restaurant, the candidates have spent time preparing their confined water skills in the comfort of a large pool. To have Exotic as the starting point on their CV will be a huge advantage as we really are an unrivaled center of excellence in this region. That said, they've not passed the two day PADI Instructor Examination yet so we'll check back in next week to find out how it went.

Divemaster malapascua, divemaster philippines, snorkel test philippines
Nice striped shirt! Kept the receipt?
And finally, slightly old news but as featured on Exotics facebook page a couple of weeks back, congratulations to Mathias and Jason on completing their Divemaster internships. After several weeks of hard work, much laughter and the odd tear here on Malapascua, the lads were able to enjoy the traditional snorkel test which featured far less alcohol than they were led to believe!