Saturday, April 9, 2016

It's Competition Crazy at Exotic!

There was excitement throughout the resort recently as a partial eclipse of the sun peaked at about 0858 on Wednesday morning. One of our vastly intelligent instructors, Daniel Richardson, rigged up a very simple pin hole projector, allowing people to stop damaging their eyes by looking at the real thing and instead view a well formed projection instead. Science can be fun. Staring directly at the sun can be stupid.

A real turtle
A grass turtle
A few weeks back the Blog published a picture of a shark crafted from a clump of grass by Exotics groundsmen, our green fingered experts known as the 'Green Team'. The resulting mail we received can only be described as an avalanche although split into two camps. Firstly, those that thought the aquatic sculptures were a sensation. Secondly, those who thought the sculptures were a sensation and yet so lifelike that they could perhaps be real and not made from grass after all.

So just for the second group of conspiracy theorists we start a new feature this week titled,

           'Hake(as in the fish) or Fake?'

 Please don't write or call Exotic with your answer as this feature is just for fun only. Which one is real?

malapascua diving, philippines scuba diving, malapascua competition
Lucky the cat
Introducing, on the left being held by the happy lady is a new addition to the Exotic team called 'Lucky Cat'. On the right the happy Lady holding Lucky Cat is Liesbeth from the Netherlands. And Liesbeth has every right to feel like she's won the lottery. By finding Lucky on Exotic's very own House Reef recently she was able to claim an Exotic t-shirt as a well deserved prize and doesn't she look thrilled. Lucky will be hiding all over House Reef this year allowing all our guests the chance of winning a whole host of goodies.

Malapascua scuba diving, Philippines scuba diving
Another winner
Slightly old news to report here but a couple of weeks ago on Easter Sunday Exotic's annual Easter egg hunt was held and again the venue was House Reef. It seems we're overdosing on competitions and prize giveaways here right now. It's totally crazy to be honest. All eggs were recovered safely and prizes ranging from complimentary dives to free meals in our restaurant were handed out to delirious guests. Here's one of our guests looking overjoyed to have found his egg.