Monday, July 22, 2013

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer

So, you are swimming along a beautiful shallow coral reef and you spot an amazing colorful nudibranch! 
The scenery: Sandy bottom which is easily stirred up but you hover motionless and use your fins to stay in place.

You set your camera white balance and aim to take the shoot of the nudi. There are some algae disturbing the picture so you rotate and lower the camera in order to get the blue water background instead. You compose and take your shoot! 

After looking at the preview you notice that the shoot is all too bright. Hmmph! Well a quick adjustment and another line up for a second shot and you nailed it! Perfect shoot to show friends and family.

Conclusion: With proper positioning, camera handling and 
settings all come together you get great results!

Want to get that perfect picture? Enroll in the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty!

This course is tailor made to your photography level. We recommend sending / showing us a few of your diving pictures so we can set the correct level and pace.

For enquiries send an email to

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Exotic is Swimming to End Finning!

Instructor Tong in fron of Exotic
Exotic is Swimming to End Finning - Join our FINathon!

Did you know shark fishing is largely unregulated around the world? Overfishing, bycatch and finning – slicing off sharks fins and throwing away the body at sea - kill thousands of sharks every day. Join us today to give sharks a brighter future.

Here at Exotic we are passionate about sharks! Most of our divers visiting us here in Malapascua are here because of the Thresher sharks at Monad Shoal, and who can blame them? This is the only place on earth where we have nearly daily encounters of this beautiful shark at only 20 meters depth!  So of course we want to do our part for protecting our beautiful sharks!

Dive with thresher sharks at monad shoal with Exotic island dive resortThe Project AWARE foundation is working on a global scale to protect sharks and they need our help to fight for the sharks! Project AWARE is a non-profit organization and their main goal is to protect sharks and rays.
The goal for the swimming against Finning is to raise $40,000 globally for the protecting of sharks. Here at Exotic, our goal is to collect $3000 by 31st July 2013 and if we do, we will be swimming around the whole Malapascua Island in our pledge to end shark finning!

Right now, we have $450 in the pot and we need everyone to help us reach our goal and support the sharks! 
For everyone who knows our crew... – who wants to see Tong swim around the island? Please sponsor us if you do! 

Finathon at Exotic island dive resort

Don’t worry you will still see us swimming if we don’t reach our top goal:
$1500 - we will swim from north to south!
$1000 - we will swim from Exotic to east garden
$500 - we will swim from Exotic to our House Reef.

As an additional bonus from Exotic to help the sharks
If we reach our goal of 3000USD we will sponsor a FREE 25 fun-dives package to one lucky donor to use here at Exotic. To participate in the draw make sure to leave a comment with your donation.

So you love sharks and want to help, then there are two ways: You can either join our swim on the 31st of July which is our deadline or you can sponsor us to swim. Donating is really easy, all you have to do is follow the link at the bottom of this update and donate online. If you are on Malapascua you can also drop in to our shop and put something into our collection box.

Donate to project aware and suport our cause

Every little bit counts so please help us fight for the sharks and spread the word!

Thank you for helping & supporting us!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Shhhhh…. The Secret is out!

Some divers already know... It’s been a well-kept secret here at Exotic for a few years but now we are telling the world!

Exotic is building a new hide-away resort!

Where did you say? 
Still in the Philippines, don’t worry. Why move away when you got it all?

The new Resort is located on a small island called Kerikite in the province Samar, a 3 hour boat ride from Malapascua. The island is nearly half the size of Malapascua, but in difference to Malapascua Kerikite has Mountains, not tall ones but definitely bigger than hills! The sides are green and lush, covered in coconut palms and fields where vegetables are grown. The mountain sides go straight in to the sea along the rocky shore. Do not despair, there is still beaches on Kerikite so for those who like to enjoy a swim or drink on the beach in the sunset you will be happy here to. The scenery is spectacular and you will have great views in all directions. 

On Kerikite there is only a small fishing village - that’s it! No 7/11, no mopeds, no cars, just the hide-away paradise you need to relax from the busy world we live in today!
Exotic Island Dive Resort plans to make this a great opportunity for the whole island and its local population.

Construction started with a small pier and later the restaurant, it is now well ongoing and we are planning to open in the beginning of 2014. This will be the first PADI dive Centre in the whole region of Samar! Now you have probably already figured this one out: This means lots of unexplored dive sites! We have been diving around Kerikite for quite some time but there is plenty so much more to explore and that will be posted later.

Rebecca & Joa, the Dive Center managers at Exotic have the goals to try to locate undiscovered wrecks and to find a new cleaning station for Mantas and Sharks! Exotic has already heard the stories from the local fishermen about the big mantas staying around the west side of the island! So we shall see what we can find! But for now let’s just say that the marine life is spectacular and the sea fans huge! 

Follow along in our updates and who knows you might just be the first guest sleeping and diving at our new hide-away paradise resort!
For info and bookings please email