Sunday, July 7, 2013


Shhhhh…. The Secret is out!

Some divers already know... It’s been a well-kept secret here at Exotic for a few years but now we are telling the world!

Exotic is building a new hide-away resort!

Where did you say? 
Still in the Philippines, don’t worry. Why move away when you got it all?

The new Resort is located on a small island called Kerikite in the province Samar, a 3 hour boat ride from Malapascua. The island is nearly half the size of Malapascua, but in difference to Malapascua Kerikite has Mountains, not tall ones but definitely bigger than hills! The sides are green and lush, covered in coconut palms and fields where vegetables are grown. The mountain sides go straight in to the sea along the rocky shore. Do not despair, there is still beaches on Kerikite so for those who like to enjoy a swim or drink on the beach in the sunset you will be happy here to. The scenery is spectacular and you will have great views in all directions. 

On Kerikite there is only a small fishing village - that’s it! No 7/11, no mopeds, no cars, just the hide-away paradise you need to relax from the busy world we live in today!
Exotic Island Dive Resort plans to make this a great opportunity for the whole island and its local population.

Construction started with a small pier and later the restaurant, it is now well ongoing and we are planning to open in the beginning of 2014. This will be the first PADI dive Centre in the whole region of Samar! Now you have probably already figured this one out: This means lots of unexplored dive sites! We have been diving around Kerikite for quite some time but there is plenty so much more to explore and that will be posted later.

Rebecca & Joa, the Dive Center managers at Exotic have the goals to try to locate undiscovered wrecks and to find a new cleaning station for Mantas and Sharks! Exotic has already heard the stories from the local fishermen about the big mantas staying around the west side of the island! So we shall see what we can find! But for now let’s just say that the marine life is spectacular and the sea fans huge! 

Follow along in our updates and who knows you might just be the first guest sleeping and diving at our new hide-away paradise resort!
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  1. Hi! I'd like to visit your resort once makabalik ako ng Almagro. pwede na kaya kht hindi pa 2014? :)

  2. Hi Junette, Thank you for your interest in visiting us on our satellite resort, however we cannot promise to have it ready on or before 2014. Please keep on track thru our Official Facebook page for further information on the resort. We will for sure post it there when the resort is ready for visitors.

  3. Here's a link to our Facebook Page: