Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Exotic Blog is back...... again!

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All the gear... and every idea
Sidemount diving has grown drastically in terms of popularity over recent years. In fact, it's flying off
sidemount diving malapascua, scuba diving malapascua, philippines scuba diving
Many happy returns
the shelves here at malapascua's premier dive resort. This week, long time friends of Exotic Eric, Monique and Ray all strapped on a harness and took on two tanks each for the first time. Great fun ensued as they sidemounted Monad Shoal to visit our famous Thresher sharks as well as a trip to the Donna Maralyn wreck which is another popular dive around these parts.

Upon conclusion of the sidemount course a birthday cake was prepared by the Exotic restaurant and presented to Eric who was visibly emotional and claimed he had not been expecting it.

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Once upon a time
September IDC time and our candidate Richard has been making great strides in his quest to become a PADI instructor. The Blog can exclusively reveal that Richard has already passed all aspects of the IDC and is now fine tuning his skills with the Instructor Examination just a few days away. Pictured here, we see him delivering a Discover Scuba Diving briefing to his Course Director, Becca Johannson, just the other day during a DSD workshop.

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Robust Ghost Pipe fish
 At first glance what you see here may look like two pictures of brown Ornate Ghost Pipe fish. But don't be fooled, only one picture features one of the aforementioned creatures, for the other is actually a piece of bacon. Take a closer look and you may see the difference. Catering industry insiders among our readership might actually believe they are seeing two slices of bacon but again you'd be mistaken.

robust ghost pipe fish, malapascua scuba diving, philippines scuba diving
For those of you who believe you've just wasted ten seconds of your lives on utter rubbish, you're not mistaken and you'll never get those ten seconds back. It's the return of 'Hake (as in the fish) or Fake'.