Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Introducing Adam Beard PADI Instructor

Adam Beard, PADI instructor malapascua.
Adam Beard
Hello my name Is Adam and I have had a love of the underwater world since I was a young whippersnapperIt was only recently In the last few years that I decided to take my passion and turn It into a full time hobby, Initially I started travelling South east Asia with the intent of seeing the wonderful sights, which i undoubtedly did, however most of my time was spent in the blue. I continued in this manner upon arriving in Australia where I worked on a live-aboard where I did my dive master internship. I then realised that I wished to turn my hobby into a full time job and completed my IDC in the Philippines In Exotic Malapascua.

This truly was a great experience to be around incredibly talented and knowledgeable divers, I learnt so much from my teachers colleagues and now can say very good friends ;) The IDC prepared me very well for the real world of teaching due to i believe a great, teacher. she really made learning a pleasure with great knowledge and wonderful teaching methods. These wonderful methods I recall very well and implement into my teaching today.
I have done several specs with my CD like DUP, Deep, Nitrox, Aware Shark, Wreck and am completing at least another best 7 with her in the next coming weeks. I am looking forward to being back in the lovely classroom with great facility's and lovely people.
I can safely say some of the best diving of my life has been here, with early mornings or any mornings for that matter not being my strong point, the early morning thresher shark dive has to be one of the most amazing experiences I have had, getting up starting the journey out into the stars as the sun rises making the ocean light up with beautiful splashes of reds, oranges, and pinks. followed by diving at monad shoal with really Amazing sharks, and on the way back to the resort seeing our resident dolphins that like to swim along with the bow of the boat. It's just magic! what more can I say?

Adam teaching peak performance buoyancy during his internship at Exotic malapascua.
Adam teaching peak performance buoyancy during his internship at Exotic malapascua.

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