Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nudibranch Rock

And this weeks award for nudibranch picture of the week goes to………. me, because no one else was asked to submit an entry. Also, this picture was taken a few months ago but apart from that it’s all legit. I thank everyone who made this award possible sob sob. There's far more than just Thresher Sharks here in Malapascua!

While on the subject of awards here’s a quick mention to Feman and Rowell. These unsung hero's work tirelessly to make sure all of Exotics two hundred tanks are filled and ready for our guests use. Normally unseen as they work in the compressor room out the back of the resort, we take this opportunity to show our appreciation. Employees of the week.... and here's a picture of a tank.

This week saw Jasper join the Exotic team as he started on the Learn To Teach programme. Jasper became an Instructor here shortly after Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. After a year working on farms in Australia, this popular figure returned to Exotic, as many do, to take his first students into the water!

Congratulations to Exotics latest Divemaster graduate Mr. Ian Llewellyn for successfully completing what must be one of the most fun and challenging courses within scuba diving. Last night Ian also made a success of his snorkel test which can be seen pictured here. Nice work lad. Now onto the IDC….

Coming next week….. Course Director Ayala Cohen returns to Malapascua as the first Instructor Development Course of 2015 commences. Never a dull moment… stand by your beds.

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