Tuesday, February 3, 2015

PADI Instructors In The Making

We’re well into the first IDC (Instructor Development Course) of 2015 here at Exotic. Sarah, Ian, Katarina and Janine have been hard at it for over two weeks now so the blog thought it time to follow this multinational team of instructor candidates for a day during their Malapascua IDC. And here they are sponsored by Colgate... apart from Ian who appears to be modelling a wetsuit.

They say it's more fun in the Philippines! Well just ask these Zebra Damsel fish who looked on as our candidates practised their open water presentations under the watchful eye of our Course Director. Reports are that all of them are progressing very nicely and will be fully prepared for the two day PADI examination which starts in just a few days. Fingers crossed they'll join the illustrious list of Instructors who learned their trade here in Malapascua with Exotic and who now work all around the world. Good luck guys!!  Keep up the good work.

Dorid nudibranch at Malapascua Exotic
And by popular demand Nudibranch of the week returns this week. It wasn’t easy choosing a winner from our bulging post bag but after seconds of deliberation this week’s victor is….. Jasper for this great effort taken at Ubang Bato, one of Malapascua’s finest dive sights. This handsome slug is a Dorid Nudibranch although could easily be mistaken for a cat looking out of a window. See what I mean?! 

So while on the theme of things in the water pretending to be other things, here's a picture of one of Exotic's 2014 Divemaster graduates, Jessika, doing a convincing impersonation of the starship Enterprise while on the Thresher Shark dive.... Apologies to any scuba divers out there too young to remember Star Trek.

Sea, the final frontier......

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