Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whale Sharks on House Reef!

This week we begin with a new item titled 'Quote of the week'

House Reef concrete shark
Not a Whale Shark
Malapascua is well known for its Thresher Sharks. However, this week a large Whale Shark swam straight through Exotic's very own House Reef!! Close to the action was Rey, one of our instructors and his two Open Water students who were on their very first open water dive. Upon returning to the resort Rey was understandably excited and performing cartwheels through the restaurant as one of his students was heard to say,

'It was only a big fish'

Enough said and quote of the week!!!! A camera wasn't present to capture the memorable moment so here's a picture of a concrete shark which can be found on House Reef 365 days a year.

Exotic night time beach view
A shooting star passes Exotic
This image was recently captured from just outside the resort by Exotic's reservations manager, Mr.
Harold Pepito Felicano. Exotic is situated on what the Blog believes to be one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the island and if you look carefully you'll see a shooting star...  What were the chances of that?! Make a wish.... More Whale Sharks on House Reef please!

Reservations team
It's freezing in this office
Speaking of Harold, yesterday the blog visited the reservations team in their office while they were hard at work replying to enquiries and dealing with the needs of our guests be they past, present or future. These guys love their music loud and their air con on maximum! Introducing from left to right.... Joy, Harold and Flor....

Nudibranch of the week
Another worthy winner

And finally, after a weeks break the much anticipated return Nudibranch of the week. The bar's been set high in previous weeks so congratulations to one of our guests, Chung Hong-won, for submitting this gathering which impressed the judging panel. The picture was taken at Gato Island, which is an hours ride from Malapascua.

Jay presenting a beer
A vintage year Sir..

 Not one, two, three, four, but five Nudi's for your peso this week. Chung wins a bottle of San Miguel beer courtesy of the Blog's shallow pockets. And here it is being presented by one of our bar tenders, Jay.

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