Tuesday, February 10, 2015

IDC update

Exotic Island Dive Resort, Malapascua's premier and only PADI five star IDC resort is proud to announce that within the last few days all four of our IDC candidates successfully passed their examination and can now call themselves PADI instructors!

New PADI instructors receiving the good news
Have we passed?
Over the last three weeks our four young and not so young hopefuls have been developing and honing their teaching skills in preparation for the two day PADI examination and beyond. Here they are at the closing ceremony being given the great news by PADI examiner Mark Van Der Poel.

New Instructors Jumping For Joy
Who electrified the sand?!

With the pressure off them, Sarah, Ian, Katarina and Janine were finally able to celebrate by volunteering to test Exotic's new electrified sand security system. Another success!! But not really.

proud new instructors
We love our new t-shirts and sharks

After that shock, and as if things couldn't get any better, the guys were presented with their new Exotic instructor t-shirts and their hand carved thresher sharks.

So congratulations to all of them! And a pat on the back for the Exotic IDC team for doing a superb job! With a tear in the eye we say goodbye to Sarah and Janine who head out into the big wide world while Ian and Katarina are staying for longer to participate in Exotic's Learn To Teach Programme. However, wherever any of them are in the world they will always be part of the Exotic family :)

Returning next week...... Nudibranch of the week!!!!!

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