Thursday, March 19, 2015

In Malapascua it's Exotic IDC time again!!

I think we’d all agree there aren’t many things to beat watching someone distracted by their phone walking into a palm tree. However, the beginning of a new PADI Instructor Development Course at Exotic last week did just that.

Yes the March IDC is in full flow so the Blog is proud to introduce in no particular order…….. Scott, Cathy and Neil. These guys met while training to be Divemasters in Mexico. After turning up at Exotic far later than planned on their arrival day the Blog was mightily amused to learn they’d left the wrong port and ended up at the wrong island before heading back to the Cebu mainland to do it properly.Since then things have been progressing far more smoothly and the Blog was delighted to be granted                                                                          exclusive access to the course for a few days.

We mentioned earlier how our trio got slightly lost enroute to Malapascua so the Blog couldn't hold back a smile as the candidates learned how to teach compass use first on dry land and then under the water. Nobody got lost which was a result.
 But what made them choose Exotic and Malapascua for their IDC? Apparently, Malapascua because of the world class diving and Exotic because of the longer than average course and all the extras, such as free accomodation which we include. 

The Blog is always curious as to where people are from and what people did for work before they chose to became dive instructors. Well Scott is from Australia and used to lay wooden floors for a living. Cathy was into internet marketing back in her native Austria and Neil was a driving instructor in England. 

Playing with lift bags is always fun although here for the first time the candidates were learning to teach how to use one safely. But still fun!! And how clear is that water....  
Anyway, it was great to join them on their PADI IDC and share in some of the action. The Instructor Examination is next week so the Blog will be back with an update on how they all got on......

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