Monday, April 6, 2015

It's Hammerhead season again so here's another picture of a Whale shark

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It's a Whale shark
Stop the press! It's that Hammerhead time of year again and despite there being many sightings over the last couple of weeks the Blog has decided to feature this picture which was taken by one of our guests, Dirk. After being treated to several encounters with Hammerheads at Kemod Shoal, this giant cruised by while  they were doing their safety stop. Diving Malapascua is the gift that keeps on giving and make no mistake about that.

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one, two, three, four.....
Our Divemasters at Exotic are second to none in all respects ranging from their ability to find the cool stuff that people want to see, through to their attention to all things safety related. So periodically they attend days where they review their First Aid skills. The Blog poked it's nose into an Emergency First Response refresher session being held with two of our
malapascua diving, cebu diving, diving philippines
no words needed
Divemasters Ted and JR. Above we see Ted perfecting his CPR skills while to the right we see what happens if you place two grown men in a classroom with a box of bandages! It's important to make things fun and keeping Ted quiet for a few minutes was an added bonus.

And finally, Nudibranch of the week comes roaring back to the Blog this week and with some style too. Picking up the trophy this week is Dutch rescue diver Melissa. Both she and her mother, Gerda, successfully completed the rescue course at Exotic last week and here they are all smiles after twisting the Blogs arm behind it's back to make this post. :) A well deserved appearance.

malapascua diving, cebu diving, diving philippines
majestic entry
philippines diving, malapascua diving, cebu diving, philippines padi
Melissa and Gerda

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