Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's a PADI Rescue diver special

PADI instructors simulating panicking divers on an Exotic Rescue course in Malapascua, Philippines
Exotic dancing competition
When asked to assist on a PADI Rescue course a few days ago, the Blog was as usual overcome by excitement. After turning up and being confronted by people standing on wash basins waving their arms around, the Blog was slightly scared and confused. However, there was no need to be. It was just Master Instructor Joa Lofstrom conducting dry practice of rescue excersise 2, diver falling into a wash basin from height..... only joking, the panicked diver exercise which would later be acted out in the water.

PADI Rescue students practising in water mouth to mouth resucitation in Malapascua, Philippines.
Rescue breathing
                                                                          Later in the day saw our two budding Rescue divers, Patrick and Manfred practising their mouth to mouth rescue breathing skills. Assistants, Kathy and Scott played their unresponsive diver roles admirably as the lads repeated this complex skill until it was virtually perfect. The PADI Rescue diver course is a fun and challenging couple of days and doing it somewhere as perfect as the Philippines and Malapascua certainly adds to the experience.

Padi Rescue diver student Patrick lifts unresponsive diver, Kathy from the water in Malapascua, Philippines
It's all innocent
Malapascua can at times have a romantic feel about it but don't be fooled, it's not what it look like! This was only Patrick practising the removal of an unresponive diver from the water and onto the boat. Again please note Kathy's sublime acting as she manages to keep a straight face throughout despite much provocation.
Manfred, PADI rescue diver student carries victim from the water in Malapascua Philippines
At the beginning, this Blog was intended to be about Patrick and Manfred visiting Malapascu to undertake their PADI Rescue course. But it seems to have turned into the Kathy show. Anyway, move over Hasselhof, here's Manfred practising the fireman's carry using Oscar nominated you know who. In truth, she'd been dropped and knocked about so much by this point I'm not sure if she was acting or not.  The bottom line is, come to Exotic and do your PADI Rescue course.

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