Thursday, June 11, 2015

Staying alive! Malapascua "low season"...?

This week there has been lots of different things going on at Exotic, much more are still in the planning, which I can assure you that you will find out about soon enough. At the moment we are now in what people like to call "low season" or in other names" lean/green/rain season" - Sure we had a quick rain shower the other day, but that was pretty much it, weather has been great, plus we also have great visibility and lots of shark sightings....

For us "low season" is a great time to catch up on all our projects and ideas. Right now all our dive shop staff are getting a first aid and oxygen refresher course. It is lots of fun and everybody gets to have a go at Annie ( the CPR doll)  with both CPR, rescue breathing and providing oxygen. Our PADI instructor Rey, together with our PADI Course Director Becca Johansson are in charge of the training and performance requirements for the guys. For keeping the correct pace for the chest compressions they are all practicing to the tune "Staying Alive" by Bee Gees plus we also have time for some scenario practice. Keep checking in for more Low season fun!

PADI Instructor Rey teaching oxygen use
Rey teaching how to use a pocket mask.

.....This might actually be the best time to travel to Malapascua.... Why you ask? Just consider this; there are less divers here during low season which means plenty of space on the boats and dive sites. You will also find better deals on dives and enjoy a nice afternoon on a quiet beach. Not saying that it's not nice when its busy but if you are the kind of traveler who likes to avoid the crowds this is the time to come and see us and enjoy a nice diving or snorkeling holiday in the sun. We can never guarantee that it wont rain of course, but this has never really bothered us as we all get wet during dives anyway.

Setting up the oxygen system
Our Diveshop secretary Judith setting up the Oxygen system

Some photos from our last training sessions. Judith is busy setting up the Oxygen Kit to aid a diver. 

Providing Oxygen to a unresponsive diver
PADI Divemaster Ervin providing oxygen to Feman.

And we almost forgot! - Nudi branch of the week is back again! 
This week the winner is a Chromodoris Coi. The picture below was taken at Chocolate island, a dive site located 30 min away from Malapascua and was recently one of our guests said that Chocolate Island is much better for Nudibranchs spotting than Lembe in Indonesia!

If you want to enter a picture to our Blog Nudibranch Wall of Fame, please email your picture to, together with name, date, and dive site name.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  

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  1. Hi. You say June is a good time to avoid the crowds; but what are the diving conditions like? Currents? Viz? And given that one may be coming only for 3-4 days, if it rains through that period, it could mean no Gato island, threshers etc?