Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blog March Round Up featuring a Poser in a Wet Suit and a Grass Shark

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New instructors and Staff Instructor in good spirits
Congratulations to Calle, Charlene, Mark, Mathias and Max to whom we doff our caps. After three weeks of hard work during the IDC and a successful Instructor Examination, we pronounce you PADI Instructors. Also a big shout out to Maciek, (far right) who assisted as a Staff Instructor on the course to great effect by passing knowledge from his his years of experience to the candidates.

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Robin hard at work
If dressing up in a synthetic suit is your thing then be warned there are no dodgy night clubs on Malapascua. There is however, world class diving and world class facilities here at Exotic Island Dive Resort. This week we received our annual shipment of brand new dive equipment which included a range of Aqualung wetsuits for the exclusive use of our guests. Great thanks to our work experience intern and 18yr old Swedish pretty boy Robin for modelling part of our new range. The Blog was desperate. Apologies.

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A shark made from grass
At Exotic we're lucky to have the finest team of groundsmen on the island. The 'Green Team' as they're fondly known, spend hours making the surroundings here beautiful and peaceful for the relaxation of our guests. And what a fine job these craftsmen do.
Hey look out! It's a shark! Relax, it's not really. It's actually a section of grass cunningly moulded into the likeness of one by one of the Green team. A White tip perhaps.

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Sunset without the sunset but nice anyway
And finally, we end with a picture captured yesterday just as the sun was taking it's final bow for the day. No words needed. We're blessed here.

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