Saturday, March 5, 2016

Calanggaman Day Trip Expose

Business as usual here at Exotic Island Dive Resort as we help bring joy and happiness to the lives of all our treasured guests that visit us in Malapascua, Philippines.
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Approaching Calanggaman Island 
Every few days we run a day trip to the beautiful island of Calanggaman and yesterday was one of these days. The Blog asked one of Exotic's longest term inmates, Katie, if she'd take a few pictures to document her day there. Well she did, and here we see the amazing view as the boat draws near to the island. Just look at that sand bar stretching towards the camera. Super camera work.

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On Calanggaman Island
All of Exotic's Calanggaman trips allow for lunch to be taken on the island itself.  Here we see Katie's boat for the day, Exotic 8, on the beach while all the guests enjoyed a barbeque under the shade of the palm trees. A barbeque prepared by no less than one of the resorts chefs. Does it get better than this?

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Beside Calanggaman Island
Well the answer is yes. The diving just off Calanggaman island is wall diving of the highest class featuring numerous schools of fish of a wide variety. That said, the Blog's editorial meeting was quite feisty when Katie returned with close up shots only! Anyway, who doesn't love a frog fish like this fine specimen.

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Orangutan Crab
As everywhere around Malapascua, the macro is sublime and the colourful walls of Calanggaman island are no exception to this rule. Just admire this Orangutan crab peeping out from its home within the bubble coral.

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If looks could kill
And despite the fact they're absolutely everywhere out here in the Philippines, who doesn't like Nemo! Aggressive little bugger too and film didn't show that did it?
Pictured below is Katie herself. She arrived four months ago for a stay of just a couple of days and just never left! Thanks for the pictures Katie...

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