Tuesday, June 21, 2016

End of High Season Party!

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A happy dive shop crew
After a long and successful high season, the dive shop staff at Exotic Island Dive Resort were treated to a night of fun and games on the beach outside the resort. This season has been one of the most productive in the company's history so it was time to give something back to the staff who have worked tirelessly to make it all possible.

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Everyone enjoying themselves except the pig
As is traditional in Malapascua and the Philippines a pig is often guest of honour at any celebration or significant gathering. Unfortunately for the pig, this normally involves being skewered by a long stick and roasted over a fire for a couple of hours before anyone turns up. Despite the inequality, spirits were high and getting higher by the glass as the night kicked off with a much welcomed feast and a wide range of beverages.

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Matching leg lengths clearly not an issue
After eating it was time for the games to start! There were five teams in total drawn randomly from a hat who commenced battle over some of the most rediculous  games imaginable. These games included a sack race and a three legged race which brought many a school sports day memory flooding back to the Blog. Some kind of drinking race followed before a game which involved two people running fast towards each other in an attempt to burst a balloon which was tied around the waist of one of them. Utter madness but everyone survived. Sport was the winner.

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Ted calls the numbers
To finish the night there was a hotly contested game of bingo which saw many prizes distributed among the staff. PADI Open Water manuals and PADI back packs were among the items won during an entertaining session which ended with everyone taking something valued away. From here the party moved on to and finished at Malapascua's premier Karaoke venue where many a famous song was both bettered and at times completely butchered! All in all, a great night!!

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