Thursday, June 9, 2016

Environmental issues are close to our hearts at Exotic Island Dive Resort

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'There's grass in my gin and tonic'
This week Exotic welcomed acclaimed academic from Miri City council, John Paul Mouton who is on a region wide evidence gathering tour. John Paul or JP as he likes to be known can be seen here (left) visually inspecting a sample of Malapascuan water. After asking him exactly what he was looking and testing for, the blog received a detailed answer, developed a migrane and retreated to the sanctity of the bar.

malapascua diving, sharks malapascua, philippines diving
We love sharks
As has been well documented on the Blog in the past, Exotic Island Dive Resort is passionate about the plight of sharks and has hosted many presentations from various charitable organisations who share this passion. This week, two of our latest Instructor graduates delivered a Shark Aware presentation which both informed and caught the imagination of our packed restaurant. Plates of food went untouched for long periods as our guests from all over the world found themselves captivated by Andy and Erika. Hopefully, nights like these can raise awareness and turn the tide in favour of these amazing creatures so that they are not driven to extinction.

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We love the Recreational Dive Planner
PADI Instructor Mr. Andy Threapleton isn’t just adept at delivering inspirational talks regarding the challenges faced by the aquatic world. The following day in fact, Andy embarked upon a PADI Open Water Course with Phoebe and Frank. As part of the course our enthusiastic Chinese couple learned much about the theory of diving. Here we see them looking at a large version of the Recreational Dive Planner and learning why computers are such a god send!  

philippines diving, malapascua scuba diving, Devil Wrayphilippines
A real Devil Wray
And back by popular demand it’s the game that has taken the diving world by storm! After going viral last month, Hake or Fake returns this week with two pictures of a particular aquatic species. Your job is to study both specimens and work out which is the real one and which is the fraud. This week’s species is the Devil Ray.

malapascua diving, philippines diving, scuba diving malapascua
A grass Devil Wray

Let’s be honest, this game is complete and utter rubbish so please don’t contact the Blog with your answer or complaint, it’s just for fun!

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